Preparing For Country To Capital

How are you? Are you ready? What’s your race strategy?

Over the past week these questions come up time and time again as I approach the final countdown to country to capital. So I thought I’d try and answer.

What have I done to prepare for Country to Capital?


So far, just the training really, the single most important thing you can do for any race. I had an excellent plan put together by Cat and I have stuck to it. I’m really proud of the hard work I’ve put in and even if I don’t start on Saturday I’ve achieved more than I thought possible already. Cat’s coaching style suits me, no perscriptive plan for every day more a guideline that fits around my life.

Race Day Strategy

I don’t really have one, I haven’t looked at the map more than a couple of time because I can’t read OS maps and it just confuses me. I hope to be able to keep up with the person in front, otherwise I’ll be relying on my map and my iPhone. I’ll be getting the C2C express from Marylebone in the morning and hitting Uber to get home, what happens in between will depend on how I feel on the day, the weather, the company etc.

Prepping for Country to Capital Fuel


I have picked a dinner from Go Faster Food for the night before, but more because I plan all our meals in advance, than any particular strategy. I’m hoping to pick some porridge up on my way to the the station in the morning but again I’m quite flexible. I will have a selection of nakd bars, trek bars and Peanut Pretzel Bundles of Joy (pictured above) but I’m looking forward to sampling what the aid stations have to offer in the way of real food – I think it will be a nice surprise.

Prepping for Country to Capital Training


I am lucky to not have any clothes that chafe. So I’ll probably pick my clothes out the day before. I’ll be wearing my old faithful trainers and taking my trail shoes in case it’s muddy. Opposite to my normal personality I’m quite laissez faire about this.

Proper Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance.

I suspect this is not what my friends expect to hear. I suspect if you’ve come from google looking for prep advice for 2016 this is not what you want to hear. Sorry Team.

My main goal for Saturday is to enjoy myself and if I get all crazy with planning and get bogged down in what mouthful I can have at which mile and what pace I should be doing at what interchange I won’t enjoy it. I’m not in this for the performance of my life.

I’m probably going to get lost but hopefully I’ll find my way back and don’t end up doing a 100miler for my first ultra.

Do you like to plan everything down to the exact detail?


  1. G says:

    Good luck – sounds like you won’t need it though. Have an amazing time. Do you have one on one coaching with Cat? How much is it?

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