All Races Should End With Creme Eggs

Well Easter races anyway. More importantly all races should start with friends. I’ve managed to not talk about running in AGGGEEESSSSSS. So here it is, a sort of race report!

Laura wrote this fab post about what she would do if she were race director. It reminded me of all the fun we (some twitter gals and I) had on Easter Sunday so I thought I’d give you a little flash back to all the fun we had. I don’t live far from Richmond Park so I decided to take a slow jog to the start of the race. We had organised to do the Capital Runners 10km.

IMG_3392 I popped to the loo whilst there was no queue and went off to collect my number and check out the baggage drop, whilst doing so I spied this awesome collection of treats under the number pinning table. CREME EGGS. Sorry for the amount of caps lock in the post, I get over excited. Last time I ran a Capital Runners race I was over joyed to be welcomed by fig rolls and jaffa cakes at the finish, but creme eggs, this was something else!

We’d made an agreement, or pact, yes let’s call it a pact, the night before to go with short shorts for the race and despite the rain we did it. I couldn’t resist the temptation to get my newest and tiniest shorts out. They are from H&M, so they are a bargain too – I’m really hoping for more colours. I checked last week and there weren’t any. *frantically checks website*. In a mad (unusual) spell of girlishness decided to paint my nails the night before, and guess what… they matched my shorts – winner! I might have to try coordinating myself more often, normally I just look like I’ve dived in the washing basket. Anyway enough fashion advice from me.

IMG_3393The lovely Laura cycled the epic journey all the way across London to meet us – hero. She appeared next to me with a comment of ” I could see your shorts on the other side of the park” not only are they cute then but act as a beacon as well!

We chatted away until we were joined by the rest of the crew for the morning. Our adventurers from the North: Nicola and Sarah. The lovely Cat and a new friend for me Rebecca – who has the most amazing hair and car and, and, and… i’m not jealous! 😉

We did all the normal prerace things, got busy chatting and then realised everyone else was in the funnel. I happened to be chatting to Sarah at the time so we snuck ourselves in together. I say snuck, we walked over to the pack and stood next to someone, there wasn’t even a tape for us to duck under.


Pre race and pre rain


As is typical with these smaller races, there was no faffing about, suddenly we were off and I fell into pace with Sarah, who was not racing, for a nice chat. we conquered the hilly part of the two lap course when I realised we were rocketing along. I could here Laura and Cat chatting behind us  – both speedsters, but thought oh well I might have to lag on the second lap. We got to the flatter part of the first half and Sarah was having to look after the conversation and I was puffing out words as and when I could. Not exactly ideal when I was supposed to be taking it easy but I was enjoying the chat too much to slow down. As we passed the start line Cat zoomed past us to speed up for her second lap and Laura caught up with us.

I managed to get my voice back over the lumpy bumpy bits, I can really open it up on downhills and get a breather! It was at this point, I thought “I’m supposed to be taking this easy but I reckon this could be a PB”. With no Garmin, we were all running naked, I could only judge it on feel. We got to the last downhill section and again I let my legs take it as I knew the girls were finding it easy and would soon leave me behind. I whizzed ahead allowing the relief of the hill to take me on to the flat up to about the 8.5km mark where they caught me up, at 9km Sarah streaked off. I suspect I was on PB at this point. The rain had soaked me through to the bones by now and I couldn’t find anything in my legs to match Sarah. Thanks for pacing me that far though x

IMG_3397Laura and I agreed we had tired legs as we approached my least favourite bit of the course, where you cruise past the finish line to do a 400m dog leg. Blargh. Laura found her leggies and zoomed off. I have to say I blame my mindset here, I got defeatist, reminded myself I wasn’t supposed to be racing and sort of gave in. I struggled for those last few metres until I saw the clock. I couldn’t remember my PB but I knew it was close. I managed a tiny weeny sprint finish and then had to hang upside down for a while – you know the feeling. The results show I finished a lucky 99th in 51:57 which is 40 seconds off my PB from a flat course but a massive course PB because last time I did 55:33!

Whilst stuffing my face with fig rolls and sheltering from the rain, I found some running club mates I knew and some I hadn’t met before and got us together for a picture for our magazine! John won his age group prize – well done John!

I love these Capital Runners races, they are cheap, friendly, local, small, have great snacks and a medal! There’s no goody bag, but you get to see your chip time straight away on a print out – something often missing at bigger races where you can end up waiting days. I’ll be doing two more of their events this year and I did two last year.

To cut a long story short, I met up with the girls and we went to the lovely Milestone Cafe in Sheen for a warming coffee – we were wet through and unlike the others I hadn’t packed a waterproof. I passed on a second breakfast as David was picking me up for what turned out to be the biggest Sunday lunch I had ever eaten with my parents and their neighbours.

IMG_3407Visting my parents allowed me to finally collect my kit, garmin and birthday cards that my Mum kindly brought back from Paris for me. On the night before the marathon (and my birthday) my parents gave me two gifts. A lovely charm bracelet and this awesome box with little bags – a perfect solution to storing my increasing medal collection!

My three most recent medals live on one of our house plants and the rest in the box. The plant is now called Trevor The Medal Tree. He’s actually a swiss cheese plant, but I don’t think he minds.

How would your perfect race start and end?

How do you store your medals?

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  1. Kelsey says:

    Well done on the time, that’s fab! I think sometimes the rain speeds me up as I want to get home quicker. Love the short shorts too and a cream egg is the perfect post race treat 😉

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