Richmond Park Marathon – Race Report

Richmond Park Marathon Champs I didn’t communicate much about this race. I signed up for it just before my holiday to Vietnam and didn’t really tell anyone, I’m not sure why, maybe because I’m a cowardly lion, maybe because I was in denial. Mainly because I didn’t want it to be a big deal, I kinda wanted to turn up, run, go home.

I even forgot to tell David until someone asked me when my next marathon was and I let it slip.

Richmond Park Marathon WinnersBut after lots of WMNRUN100 signed up, I couldn’t keep it quiet. This was the best thing, from a little cowardly lion to a team and you should see us ROAR! YES! That’s Sorrell in 1st place and Amelia in 3rd. Ladies are rocking it right now. The presence of my fellow ladies also bought Cheer Dem – Crew I salute you, you were on the BEST form.

I only have a few words about Richmond Park Marathon. I love Richmond Park, I love Marathons, what’s not to love?

Well to be honest, a few things.

1. Water in plastic cups, please bottles, please. I’ll pay extra. The little kiddies ones are perfect race directors!

2. The Royal Parks authority now have a 20p charge for all their toilets, so if you ever plan to run around a royal park, start saving your 20p coins now.

I’m kidding, those are all my whinges, I had a superb day, full of people I loved. The beautiful Emma S was there cheering for me, Rhianon ran with me, Polly cycled with me. Travis quelled my pre race nerves and Jon was there storming marathon number 127 a year after I cheered him to his 100. Dan caught me in a post race hug and I even got filmed attempting to run and talk

If you like a simple race, with no pomp and circumstance but beautiful surroundings then give Richmond Park Marathon a go.

Marathon Runners ToesWhile I have your attention I wanted to cover another topic, feet.

These are my feet, albeit in the day before Richmond Park Marathon, after a cheap pedicure with party polish specially for the occasion. But my point being, I have STILL never lost a toenail, and never even had a black toenail. There may be many factors, but I think it is mostly down to having a big enough toe box on my trainers, I go up a whole size for running trainers. If you suffer from toe issues, and yes, a reoccurring blister or toe nail loss counts, please reconsider your trainer choice. You shouldn’t have to put up with it just because it’s widely publicised that runners have to.

Richmond Park Marathon CelebrationsHow are your feet?

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  1. Lauren (@PoweredbyPB) says:

    I loved this race (other than feeling terrible for the second half!)- smaller ones like this are the way forward I think! I’m the same with shoes, I always go up a full size and I’ve never suffered with missing toenails etc.

  2. Charlie says:

    Wow Tom would kill me if I signed up to a marathon and didn’t tell him. Haha I actually text him saying ‘pack your bags for Chicago’ when I got in 🙂

    • Stephanie says:

      This one didn’t involve any input from David though, he did come and see me finish, but it didn’t really have any other impact. A foreign one I definitely wouldn’t get away with haha.

  3. Maria @ runningcupcake says:

    Pretty toes! I have lost a little toenail once, but I think it was because I stubbed it. I tend to have one size bigger running trainers, and I have been fine.
    I much prefer cups- I think bottles encourage people to drink too much, plus there is so much waste from them, whereas cups encourage a little sip here and there, and then can be put in the recycling bins right by the water stations. I hate tripping over bottles rolling eveywhere, especially when they still have water in them, because most people do not drink that much (and if they do, they shouldn’t).

    • Stephanie says:

      I go one size bigger too Maria. But how do you drink it? I end up with it all over my face haha. I’m really good and always carry my bottles until I’ve finished/find a bin but you are right lots of people aren’t so considerate.

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