When Runger Strikes

At the moment, I seem to be hungry a lot of the time, I eat well and I think quite a lot of it is in my head, but sometimes when runger (run+ hunger, often accompanied by being hangry – hungry + angry) strikes, there is only one thing for it – a tasty smackeral.

When I have some time, I like to bake myself up some wholesome treats, I know exactly what’s gone into them and can tailor them to my own taste. I also get the added benefit of the therapeutic nature of being in the kitchen.

Sticky Toffee Flapjacks

Sticky Toffee Flapjacks

All of these recipes are suitable for general eatage and not just marathon training!

But I don’t know about you, sometimes I don’t have the time, or maybe my normally well laden handbag lets me down, or someone else has eaten my emergency snack *not naming any names*. At these times there are some great shop bought choices out there:

  • FRUIT ALL THE FRUIT, I seem to be getting through an extraordinary amount of fruit at the moment, especially bananas.
  • Nakd Bar, if you’ve not had a Nakd bar, where have you been?!

    My Favourite Flavours

    My Favourite Flavours

  • Wild Trail Bar, the lovely people at Wild Trail are based in Putney (shopping local) and their bars are made in Wales with wholesome ingredients, many of their bars have no added sugar too. They retail about the same price as Nakd bars. As we’re local one of the team dropped some bars round to me to try. I get that lovely warm feeling eating a wild trail because they are local!
  • Malt Loaf, homemade or shop bought, I bought a sliced Soreen this week and I was astonished by its low calories and low fat (maybe not once lovingly spread with butter) and resolved to buy some more soon.
  • The controversial one: Protein milkshake, you hear a lot of mixed messages about protein shakes, but I bought the simplest I could find and have it occasionally with milk, apart from hot chocolate/ chocolate milk it’s the only time I ever have a glass of milk. Sometimes I get back from a run craving milk and I chuck a scoop of protein powder in for that extra boost. I’m not a scientist but this seems to sum it up “Muscles need protein for recovery and growth, and the best time to deliver protein appears to be right after exercise.”
Full of oaty goodness

Full of oaty goodness

I’m trying to be more conscious of preparing some proper protein e.g. an egg in baked porridge or extra chicken with my lunch, but right after a longrun I can’t stomach food so a protein shake helps me out.

I need your help, these are all sweet and good and yummy, but I don’t want to overdose on sugar, what are you favourite go to savoury snacks?

I had some great responses on Facebook:

  • Hard Boiled Eggs
  • Almonds
  • Sweet potato

A Facebook friend reminded me to stay hydrated, often one can confuse thirst for hunger and this isn’t much of a risk for me as I am a constant water guzzler. But it’s something I will be bearing in mind.

Any savoury snack ideas for me?

What are you views on protein powder?

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