Top Tips for Winter Marathon Training

I may only be going through my second round but here are my top tips for winter marathon training. I may not be the best qualified, but I know what makes training easier for me.

Gear to make you FEEL good

This is about being warm people, not about that feeling when you put those killer heels and skirt together.

1. Warm Feet

Can I give you the gift of warm feet? I can try. I really struggle to get heat in my extremities so when I was offered to try these Insulated Insoles I jumped at the chance, they are easy to mould to your feet and all you need is an oven. I’ve been really surprised at how well they work. I ran two days on the trot, one with and one without the insoles, the difference was noticeable and they work fabulously. Toasty toes can be yours. More about SOLE insulated footbeds on their website

Winter Marathon Training Gear

2. A Snood

My Mum knitted me this snazzy snood when I started running, it’s a bright colour so people can see me, loose knit so I don’t get over hot but it keeps my neck nice and warm. Avoiding any winter sore throats.

Gear to make you LOOK good

This is about visibility people, not about dressing snazzy. Be Pretty on Rest Days, Be safe on training days.

Top Tips for Winter Marathon Training

1. Reflective Straps

I double up with flashing and reflective straps, these aren’t expensive you can buy them in Decathlon, Lidl when they do running kit and sometimes the pound shop. Put them round your wrist, your ankle and pop one of your back pack and forget about it.

Winter Marathon Training Visibility


2. A Head Torch

Sometimes it gets darker quicker than you expect. Having a scar for life from a marathon training run is not something I wish on any of you. I got one free in my Paris Marathon goody bag and I’ll be trying it out all winter. If you have a head torch recommendation for me I’d love to hear it.

Fuel to keep you going

Sometimes you can organise to meet friends and plan a fab brunch or lunch to enjoy at the end of the run and keep you motivated.

1. Great post run brunches

Sometimes you need something other than gels whilst you are out and about, and sometimes you want something snacky to look forward to when you get back.

2. Running snacks

Vegan Courgette Granola Bars 1

Fuel to help you warm up

1. Hot Chocolate (with added protein)

The perfect post run treat, tasty and full of protein. I mix mine with milk to a paste then top up with hot water.

2. Freshly Baked Cinnamon Rolls 

Something dreamy to come home to, just make sure you prompt someone to pop the oven on.

So there are some of my top tips for winter marathon training what are yours?

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  1. Ross Pyne says:

    Headtorch recommendations…. take a look at I have had one of their Gamma torches for years, very cheap but survive in any weather…. Nice bright front light and a constant/flashing rear red. They even give you a set of decent battery’s.

  2. Louise @louliveswell says:

    I tested some Silverpoint headtorches out at an Up & Running Night Run last week – great fun! Some were brighter than others but they were pretty good. They also didn’t feel that heavy once on your head. Great if you’re running in a dimly lit place 🙂

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