Up Tow, Down Flow Half Marathon

If we go back to my post about race fees then this one was a bargain. A half marathon for £20 – Yes Please. I’ve been signed up for this race for over a year after it was recommended me by Triathlon super star Jon when I very fast started running, determinted to not let my race lethargy get inthe way I set out to enjoy myself.

The race is all along the side of the Thames and allows you to spend the time flicking through RightMove in reality, browsing houses you will never be able to afford and having a peak in to how the other half live!

So here for your delectation are my top house picks and other pictures from the day!

Up Tow, Down Flow Half Marathon in Pictures

Up tow, down flow half marathon loos

The Start in Alexandra Gardens

More loos than Windsor Trail Half!

Up tow, down flow half marathon bottle neck

A little bottleneck

Up tow, down flow half marathon house

Upton Court Hotel

Up tow, down flow half marathon dream house

My Future House?

Up tow, down flow half marathon blue skies

Field of Dreams!

The Race

I really loved the race, number collection was easy (despite arriving at quarter to start), comms were great, medal was beautiful. there were extra water stations set on (including an unofficial local with water and ikea cups – thanks!) beacause of the hot weather which is exactly what race directors should be doing on hot days. I will be running the race again next year. I also met the lovely Kat who captured this great pic of the medal…

I crossed the line ready to tell David all about the experience, but he had his own to tell me about…

The parking

David arrived shortly after I crossed the finish line after a highly stressful 30 minutes getting through Marlow to the parking at the Rugby club. As many of the runners had parked here and bussed back to the start the car park was full before any spectators/pick ups arrived, this resulted in parking on the residential roads leading to the rugby club turning them in to a single tracks with no passing places.

The event also clashed with the annual fair in Marlow and a Triathlon at Dorney Lake which added to the traffic chaos in the area. I was pretty glad not to have had to worry about this as David (who is normally calm) arrived flustered, stressed and concerned about the car and getting back out. Luckily as I was so slow by the time we got back to the car some people had left and there were a few passing places. The situation beyond the car park boundary was unmarshalled and it still took us a fair amount of time and stress to get out.

Other than this I can’t fault the race, next year it finishes in Windsor which is a lot simpler for me – woohoo.

See you there?

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  1. Cat says:

    I forgot all about this little race in all the excitement of RTTS/TR24 – it’s a good ‘un. It’s definitely easier finishing in Windsor though (and nice pubs for afterwards!).

  2. Dana says:

    Looks like a fab race! I love the medal 🙂 I also love how so many photos I see from UK races include parts of the courses on grass or trails… I don’t know if most races over there do that or if it’s just the few I’ve seen photos from, but it looks so nice compared to the all-tarmac races I run here. Bit of a random thought but there you go 🙂

    • Stephanie says:

      Hi Dana, I’d say it’s probably about half and half. We have plenty of road races, especially here in the capital where I live, but they don’t always shut the roads so it can be congested and they are not as pretty to photograph! We have a strong history of offroad running, trail running and fell running in the UK and it’s becoming more and more popular again. If you can get your hands on a copy I can highly recommend the book Feet in the Clouds which is all about that!

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