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Turks Head 10k Goody bags

You will always find me in near the goody bags at races. (Kitchen, Parties, Yeah?) That’s where I found myself sunbathing for the 20 minutes before this lovely race.

Pre Turks Head 10k I probably shouldn’t have run this race, but I’m stubborn and having not had a DNS to date, I wasn’t going to let a little thing like a cough and cold stop me. I’d had a day off work and been sent home from an outing with friends the day before but I woke up to glorious sunshine. Didn’t want to regret not running and get that Shoulda, Woulda, Coulda, feeling.

The palm trees and short, sunny wait at the bus stop were enough to convince me I’d done the right thing. But I quickly changed my expectations from the original (and normal) ‘just go all out’ plan, to ‘let’s enjoy the weather and the race and take it at a plod’.

Let’s look at some more good reasons (excuses) to run a race when you are feeling a bit poorly.

NB: *not a medical professional *not based on science *probably best ignored.


Reason One: Meeting Friends

Cat, Jon and Keith were all signed up for this race, so despite my sniffles I knew I’d see a friendly face at some point and didn’t want to let them down. I wouldn’t have let them down really but it’s another reason that runs through your head. “oh Cat is expecting me, I can’t NOT go”. It worked for me!

I managed to catch up with them before the start and having them cheer me in the last 100m was a great boost. Cat won a prize too because she is a superstar!

Reason Two: Celeb Spotting

I saw Milton Jones and this lady stepped in front as I casually tried to nab a picture. If I’d been as quick as him I would have asked for a race selfie, but alas it wasn’t to be 🙁 If I hadn’t run I wouldn’t have seen Milton, gone on about it all day and found out that he’s a local!

Turks Head 10k Milton

Reason Three: Awesome Start

Turks Head 10k TrumpetTurks Head 10k Balloons

If I hadn’t run I would have missed the best start to a race I’ve ever been to. Actually that’s probably Paris marathon, but local wise, this was the BESTEST. The Turks Head 10k is a  unique community race focussed on the fun. We had a number of great tunes from a trumpet player before the off which created an amazing atmosphere, then there was some chatter from the race director and some balloons were let off high into the sky. Watching them disappear into the distance filled my heart with joy on such a beautiful day. I have to admit as I was loitering near the back I don’t actually know why they let the balloons go, but I have to assume it was for charity.

Reason Four: Canapes and Beer

Turks Head 10k Canape Station

This 10k fun run had a beer and canape stop at km 7, being sponsed by the local pub The Turks Head (get it!) it made sense and the team at the station were really enthusiastic. I normally pass on this sort of thing and certainly plan to do so during Bacchus Marathon but as I was running to enjoy myself, I thought “To hell with it, let’s give this a go!” I felt much better after my canapĂ© power up and Cat tells me the lady who passed her before her beer stop ate her dust afterwards! Honestly, the lovely (if a bit warm) smoked salmon blini gave me the little boost of energy I needed to enjoy the last 3 km.

Reason Five: Goody Bag

Turks Head 10k Haul

This is the most bulging goody bag I have ever received. There were some real winners in here, but some of it I could do with out. For example, that silver thing, it’s a bottle with no cap, so straight in the bin it went. The t-shirt is cotton (expected at the cheap entry fee) but I’d actually rather go without. Fortune Cookie, beer, water bottle, fruit, samples all EXCELLENT!

Reason Six: Medal

Turks Head 10k Medal

Come on now, I’m the Magpie. There was no way a sniffle was going to get between me and a medal. Cat and Jon were the lucky ones who had to explain to my drooping face and wobbly chin that it was okay and that my medal was in the goody bag after I crossed the line, looking for someone to pop it over my head, phewf!

Reason Seven: A free rub down!

This one I didn’t foresee, but looking back it’s one reason I’m so glad I did run. James from the Waldegrave Clinic gave my mud covered legs the attention they needed for FREE after the race! I cautiously approched the tent and asked if they were charging, when they said no, you couldn’t keep me off the bench. James was so knowledgeable and it was great to chat to someone with knowledge of sports massage as well as Chinese medicine and yoga. I’ll be heading down to one of his Monday night Yin sessions soon.

Have you ever decided to race despite not feeling 100%?

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  1. Laura says:

    What a perfect run! I you’ve got the key to enjoying running and that is to go with what your body feels. Not all races have to be raced especially if you enter them for fun/friend/goody bag reasons! Super jealous of the awesome SW running community too!

  2. Dana says:

    That looks like a great race! Well done for sticking it out even though you weren’t feeling 100%! I love that they had a beer and canape stop… so awesome.

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