A Wimbledon Common Adventure

Wimbledon WindmillWCAR Fruit

Or as the mug says The Good Run Guide Wimbledon Common Adventure Race “Fancy Some Toast” – more about the toast later. This race was very local to me and I signed up for it on a bit of whim after I heard about it in an email from Perseverance Events. At £8 a pop and buy 3 for the price of 2 I couldn’t resist.

Was it a good run?

WCAR Beautiful Evening

It was a spectacular evening for a run. The sun was shining and the temperature was higher than it had been for weeks. I opted for a vest and  jogged up the Windmill for my warm up. Then I got snap happy because of the beautiful colours of the world. {hippy moment} lush green freshly cut grass filled my senses with the breeze whipping any fluffy clouds quickly out of the way allowing the sun to warm my bones {hippy moment over}

Anyway I’m not very good at these race reports, I never talk about the race.

Sign up was quick and efficient, I got there about 10 minutes before the race started, didn’t have to queue for my number and had time to snap the finish line goodies (above) before heading over to the start and baggage marquee. Now, the baggage sitution – you can see the marquee in the picture below. For those of you that like to take all your valuables, some extrortionate kit and the kitchen sink to races wouldn’t ahve liked it. I only had my bottle to leave (I ran with my phone and keys in pockets) most people had a small bag and left it under the marquee or in their car. The marquee was always in sight of volunteers and race organisers (being between the start and finish) but there was nobody checking bags and waiting by it. with 75 runners it would have been overkill.

I had to ask twitter for advice as this was my first non club trail run and it seems gun time is the norm – trail running is a bit less focused on time and more on fun (and mud) this was fine by me as I wasn’t going for a fast time. It’s all relative if all my trail runs are gun timed I won’t have a chip time to compare them to. It also helps save a lot of the cost of putting on a race.

Windsor Trail Adventure Run

Was it an adventure?

A quick route description from Andy and we were off for my baptism of fire. a 1 mile loop around the field, sounds simply but the path around the field is used by the riding school and was ankle deep in puddles most of the way, a few cautious dodges ending in funny footing led me and many others to embrace the mud spirit and run straight through.

I’ll be honest, I didn’t love it at first but you kind of start to see being muddy as a badge of honour, I’m not ashamed to say one of my thoughts were “Nancy’s dodge the puddles”

It may be my slowest rate to date with a finish time of 00:49:53 there were also less than a dozen people behind me, but you can’t really tell when you are on the trails so it doesn’t matter so much. This expereiences gets me into the Race v run terminolofy issue. I was curious to see my time but was actually pleased to see it wasn’t any slower! I thought it mgiht be nearer the hour, time seems to bend, slide, flex and walk up hills when you are out on the trails. I’ll leave the times for my road races and just run these ones. 

Mugs and Lion Bars

Trail Runners FeetWould I do it again?

Yes! I’m already signed up. If you fancy getting muddy with me, there are two more races in the series and you can sign up in advance or on the day. If you like a bit of mud and fancy trying a new route on a Wednesday night I can’t recommend it enough. To be honest I’ll be doing it again just for the white Lion bar, if you are reading this Andy any white versions of chocolate bars and you have me hooked!

I feel like these feet are the sign that I am a trail runner, but the question is how do you get the mud out from under your toe nails? Ooo and I need trainer cleaning tips, I took mine in the shower!

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  1. Dana says:

    Looks like fun! And what a gorgeous evening for a race!! I’m getting ready to start trail running myself (so no advice about cleaning shoes or under toenails!), and it’s good to know about the chip vs gun time situation. I’d heard that trail races are more chill than road races, but it’s an extra reason for me to just enjoy myself and my surroundings and to not worry about my time.

    • Stephanie says:

      Hi Dana, thanks for reading. It was really chilled that’s one of things I loved about it. I thoroughly recommend you book one and find out for yourself, I would say come and join me, but it might be a bit of a journey 😉

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