Worthing Half Marathon Race Report

Worthing Half Marathon Review
Racing is back on the agenda.

It feels like a long, long time since I ‘raced’ a race. Since my injury in July, I’ve run a few races but with other people and generally for enjoyment rather than a specific time. I ran with a colleague to get her to her first 10km, I ran with a colleague from an old job to make the shape of a pig, I ran in reindeer antlers playing Christmas tunes and had a ball. But I’ve not set targets, gritted my teeth and pushed hard since Richmond Park Marathon last May.

In my efforts to get back on my form from last spring, I booked some half marathons and Cat set me the ambitious goal of going sub 1:40. so on Valentine’s Day I fell back in love with racing

Worthing Half Marathon Reivew

I hate lengthy race reports so I thought I’d write an hour by hour of my race day for this one.

7am : Wake up to the smell of porridge!

I stayed at my Nan and Grandad’s (this is Worthing after all) and my Nan got up and made me a HUGE bowl of porridge! excellent run fuel.

8am : Faff, wee, faff.

I jogged from my Nan and Grandad’s to meet my pal Liz who introduced me to running and had ANOTHER wee at her Dad’s on the sea front. I hate start pens so it’s always good to have someone to walk and huddle with at the start of a race!

9am : We’re off!

The race started pretty promptly, numbers were sent out in advance so no need to collect anything or register on the day. The start location was just next to Worthing pier and despite the forecast it was a beautiful day for Worthing Half Marathon. The route looks bizarre, but I really enjoyed weaving around town, the course was wide and only congested on the first corner. It’s great for spectators as there are lots of points near the town centre. Perserverance Events that organise the race event had suggested cheer points and the Sally Army opened up with FREE tea/coffee if you had a slice of cake – not sure my Grandad could have been happier. I spotted my Nan and Grandad at 4km, shouted ahead and got a BIG cheer (my Grandad is partially sighted so he needs a shout!)

worthing half marathon course map

10am : Nan power

We weave in and around worthing down pretty streets with interesting houses, I chatted to a few fellow runners and complained about the inclines. They were minimal but at the time it seemed like the way to band together! before leaving town to head out on the out and back route, I saw my Grandparents again and My Nan jumped out in the road with her hand out. High Five! Nan POWER! On our way out along the sea front I have to be honest I got a bit bored of running, I made a little friend and we chatted and leap frogged each other and it made hitting the head wind on the prom for the last 3/4km much more bearable.

11am : Love hearts

I finished in 1:43:16, not the goal I had aimed for, but I’d had to stop to drink water out of cups (angry face) and the head wind made me struggle. Excuses I know. I am really really pleased with this time. Looking back I’ve actually not done that many halves and this is one of my bests. At the finish we were given our medal, water, a banana and there were buckets of Love hearts, unfortunately as I approached the guy decided to give some to spectators so I didn’t get any. There was no goody bag, but for an inaugural it must be heard to get sponsorship, the race wasn’t expensive and I didn’t miss it. I jogged back to my Nan and Grandad’s and got an extre big lick from the dog, mmm salty!

12:00 : Speed lunch

I had a tight deadline to meet, so Nan had already started lunch, I showered, packed and sat down for some super yummy soup and rolls. it was the perfect way to quickly refuel in the short timeframe I had.

1pm : You sexy thing

After running a half marathon a treat was needed. I stopped by Starbucks for a extra large hot choccie to fuel the two hour drive ahead.

2pm : Podcasts

Still driving! I always use long drives to catch up on podcasts. I wrote about some of my favourites here.

3pm : Should be stretching

Where was I off to? A date? An exciting trip? Well, both, sort of. I was meeting my boss and a colleague at Heathrow airport to go to Munich on a business trip – just how everyone was to spend Valentine’s Day. I sped through

4pm : Refuel

I rewarded my speed through security with a pint of cider and a bowl of chips. We weren’t arriving in the hotel until late and I knew I couldn’t wait that long!

5pm: Leaving on a jet plane

I’ll save you the rest of the journey, I sat on the plane eating rolls my Nan packed for me, (top tip, stay at Nan’s for races!), read my book and felt thoroughly contented with my day.

Worthing Half Marathon Report

A random photo I know but I think this lady had hand knitted leg warmers – I need these for my cross country ensemble!

A quick summary for you: I thoroughly enjoyed Worthing Half, I would do it again (probably next year) and it was really well organised as I now can rely on with Perseverance events.

Did you run the race? What did you think?


  1. Maria @ runningcupcake says:

    I am very impressed that you did all of that in one day- the day of a flight I get so stressed and panicked about being late to the airport so I think I would have worried the whole time!
    I much prefer the low key events – and would rather a banana than a goodie bag filled with rubbish!

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