Adventures in Switzerland Part 2

WP_20140413_030 I had originally included these pictures in my previous post about Geneva, Switzerland but it was getting epically long and I wanted to tell you a little more about our adventures in Switzerland.

We shunned hotels for our 3 night stay and imposed ourselves on my (Great) Uncle and his Swiss partner Margot. Margot has this beautiful Huf Haus right on the shore of Lac Leman, an enviable location I don’t think we could have afforded in a hotel. We had access to a pool, the gravely little beach, two jettys as well as a room with a lake view!

I don’t think Switzerland is known as a gastronomic destination (please tell me I’m wrong), but I think it is the perfect place for a foodies holiday. There’s chocolate, cheese, wine, beautiful restaurants with wonderful views, and much more regional cuisine than the fondue you’ve heard tell of from skiing!

One of my favourites to have on the lake front is fillet de perche with frites, or salade if you are feeling healthy. It’s such a simple meal of fried perch, but eaten on the lac front when the Perch have been fished that day and with a dollop of mayonnaise, I can’t think of a better meal. It would be my last meal.

IMG_3343My Uncle is a pescatarian and we were treated to two fabulous home cooked meals, one of which I photographed! I haven’t told him about the blog, he’s 77 and despite being very technical he set up his own twitter account but doesn’t get why he can’t read more than 140 characters. Luckily, his cooking is superior to his social media skills. On a side note, look at the beautiful light, next time I go I might have a baking sesh just so I can use the light! To start he served simply half an avocado with a oil, vinegar, wine, lemon juice combo seasoned in the middle. It’s so true that simple is best. I will be serving this at my next dinner party.

IMG_3344These fish quenelle things are a local delicacy (I think they are a French thing, but made slightly different depending on where you go) and I honestly have never had anything like them. After a long winey lunch with my Auntie we drove down (well not me, I’d been on the wine) to Nyon (home of UEFA) and ducked under fishing nets on the lac front to my Uncle’s favourite fish seller.

The lady inside stopped her prepping of Perch to serve us then popped out the back where we got a sneak peek of the fishermen hanging up their nets and having a wine!  These sausage like things were produced and wrapped carefully for the drive home.

I was expecting something like a round fish finger, or sausage texture, but they are more akin to a dumpling (old school not Japanese) they are really smooth and were cooked in a tomatoey, creamy sauce. I think they would be a great way to wean non-fish lovers on to fish. We ate them with brown rice and salad. Perfect!

My Uncle’s travel tip is that unlike most of Europe you can’t eat badly in Italy, but I’m thinking I’ve never eaten badly in Switzerland!

What’s the most unusual food you’ve tried?

Do you have an foodie holiday recommendations for me?

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    • Stephanie says:

      It’s so simple I think that’s why I’ve never thought of it. I think in the UK we can be guilty of over complicating food or needing to have ‘elements’ on a plate. I can’t wait to have it again.

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