Adventures in Switzerland

After eating and drinking our way around Paris, Reims and Burgundy it was time to head for more chocolate and cheese in Switzerland!

I am lucky to have family who live on Lake Leman (or Lake Geneva as we call it) so I use to go there every year as a child. I have so many fond memories that it posed a bit of an issue when I had to decide what David and I would do with only 3 nights.

I made a list and prioritised the things I really wanted to do this time and things I hoped would make him love the region… So we can go again next year!

As we were heading for a full day out, we picked my (Great) Auntie up on the way so she could spend the day with us as we had limited time in Switzerland.

IMG_3328 First up. The Olympic Museum, in Lausanne. A little around the lake from Geneva, but only about 60-70 minutes in the car. Lausanne is a beautiful town and was home to Charlie Chaplin.

The Olympic Museum is a gorgeous modern building with a tiered garden up from the lake front. The garden is dotted with statues, art and Olympic memorabilia. If you don’t fancy the museum then have a wander through the gardens (free) anyway. We also happened to find Pat Cash filming in the garden, but I don’t think he’s part of the museum. There’s also a 100m running track which allowed David to prove to me that he can indeed beat me over short distance. Our recovery times clearly showed who is the fitter out of the two! I could bore you with pictures but I’ll just share this quote with you. I’m not that into sport and I love this museum it changes every time I go and they have all the Olympic torches and loads of interactive displays.

WP_20140413_012 We left Lausanne at 12 and headed up into the mountain villages for lunch and the next two visits I’d lined up! First we visited Gruyère where they make, you guessed it, Gruyère cheese! We were treated to lunch by my Auntie and then watched this cool cheese robot wash the cheeses before tasting and buying some to take home the next day. David loved it, especially the robot – boys eh!

WP_20140413_016 The piece de resistance of the day was a visit to a chocolate factory. Just a few minutes up the road in Broc. A chocolate factory whose chocolate you never see outside of Switzerland. The Swiss have a bad habit  of keeping the best products for themselves, they do the same with their wine.

My Aunt in the picture above is 74 (sorry Auntie Trudy) can you believe it! It’s a shame we are not blood related, if I can look half as a good as her I will be pleased. She still jogs 5k around a park, I’m hoping running might help me stay youthful like her!

WP_20140413_021 Anyway sorry I digress, back to the chocolate, the tour has changed a lot since my last visit and is now even better, but one thing has not changed – the all you can eat tasting at the end. If you want to spend your time in here, go for the first booking of the day, then the tour behind you won’t rush you!

If you want to know the secret… do you? Oh, okay then. The reason Cailler chocolate tastes so good is because they condense their own Swiss alpine milk for their chocolate rather than using any old powdered milk. giving you all that rich creaminess of condensed milk was the depth and flavour of cocoa!

So like a one lady marketing agency, go visit Switzerland and have a taste for yourself!

We weren’t asked, given anything for free nor paid for this write up, I just really enjoyed the day and wanted to share it with you.


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  1. Cat says:

    Lausanne is lovely – there’s a half and full marathon there in November (I think) and the route’s stunning – it’s all along Lake Geneva and past all the little villages along the way. All the locals come out and cheer/drink/eat amazing food – such a good atmosphere!

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