Holiday Running

I have never exercised on holiday before, even hotels with posh gyms or whilst visiting family abroad. I may have a dip in the pool, but I’ve not done lengths or anything strenuous.

But now that I run and exercise regularly I wanted to build it into my holiday as part of the treat. A nice opportunity to explore and see the beautiful weather. A quick Facebook message to the hotel before departure assured me there were some easily accessible parks perfect for a holiday jog.

We started on our first morning with some circuit type training and I managed to get my other half to run 1.8km in 600m bursts with burpees, press ups, dips and planks thrown in. This also means I can cross off number 18 from my 30 before I’m 30.

On Saturday morning, I felt I needed to do my traditional 5km. Despite a small hang over I braved the heat, but not the streets and just did three laps of the Schweizergarten on my own. It’s a beautiful park and passes the old Arsenal on one side, Belvedere and our hotel on one and a big load of construction on the other.

Sunday morning, despite wanting to give up at 3km, I managed 6km. I ventured to new streets and handily made an arrow! I was worried about running on my own in a city I didn’t know, but using my nike+ app meant I always had a map and Vienna seemed like a really safe city, I only saw dog walkers and people going about their business.

I saw lots of sights. The Museum of modern art ’21’


Our hotel with wonky boat on top


And a plane hidden away in the old Arsenal


My next trip is going to be just as hot and I plan to attempt some beach runs! I’m looking forward to it already.

What are you tips for running whilst on holiday?


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