How to stay active on holiday

Way back in April I went adventuring East for the first time in my life. Allowing me to tick another item off my 30 things to do before I’m 30. Myself and David travelled to Vietnam and Cambodia via Hong Kong.

I know a holiday is holiday and all about relaxing but we were away for 3 and half weeks and I love getting my heart rate going and getting a sweat on, from being a lazy bod 3 years ago I’m definitely more active now. So we thought about how to stay active on holiday before we went and booked some adventurous excursions. Some of our activities came about without planning and of course there are always lots of opportunities to explore on foot when travelling.


How to stay active on holiday swimmingWe started with one night in Hong Kong, coming off a long flight I felt cloggy headed and the heat was heavy. Luckily our hotel had a pool so David and I cooled off in the pool before getting ready for a day of exploring.

I feel in love with Hong Kong and there is plenty for active travellers. From ‘jogging‘ tracks to early morning Tai Chi


How to stay active on holiday yoga I’ve mentioned to you before about my love for yoga, you can do it anywhere and I often have fun with youtube videos in hotel rooms. A two day boat trip round Halong Bay saw me get an early start to try a few sun salutations in these amazing views. I was on my own, in the serenity, hands wet with morning dew from the deck but it was a magical experience.

David came up to get me for breakfast and I couldn’t resist showing off with a wheel. Very un-yoga but fun all the same.


How to stay active on holiday kayakingI am a long term water avoider. I don’t really swim, I went kayaking once with brownies and felt traumatised when they tried to make my capsize – why would you go upside down on purpose? But in Vietnam they are a bit more lax on Health and Safety and let us bob around in our two man kayak without any silly going upside down and getting a face full of fish poo nonsense.

David and I explored the coves and islands in Halong Bay led by a guide and I loved it. I even googled Kayaking on the Thames when I got home, but you have to be able to capsize and they make you practise in a swimming pool first bah.


How to stay active on holiday cyclingThere were lots of things on this holiday that were completely out of my comfort zone and new. Running I know is not new, but this was an altogether different experience. One of the hotels we stayed in was a little out of the main town and the only way to get around was bicycle or scooter. You may or may not know that I can’t cycle and I certainly don’t have a motorbike license, so David borrowed a little bike from the hotel, I slipped some trainers on and we explored the town in our own little way. It seems people don’t really run for pleasure in Vietnam and I became the spectacle of the day, even getting my own little support crew for a while.

How do you stay active on holiday?


  1. Emma @ Stripes and Snapshots says:

    Since I got into running I’ve been packing my trainers and getting out for a run whilst away. I love exploring new places whilst travelling abroad, and have even booked a couple of running tours whilst away, which I’d thorough recommend.

  2. Louise @louliveswell says:

    I always take yoga with me! In fact, I think I prefer just using an app than going to class sometimes. You can pick which class suits your mood and not worry about anyone else! And am with you on taking trainers too – I’m taking mine to France in September for sure!

    Louise x

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