Sacher Torte Vienna

A few weeks ago David and I went on a weekend break to Vienna. I knew the food was going to be good, but I didn’t realise how good. Vienna is famous for a few things.

  • Wiener Schnitzel – available in most touristy restaurants and a few proper biergartens/restaurants.
  • Sacher Torte – available EVERYWHERE!
  • Viennese Whirls – a Mr Kipling invention I think.
  • Viennese Pastries – I didn’t see a single fancy breakfast pastry

Day One

Obligatory Wiener Schnitzel and Pretzel from the lovely Salm Brau where we ate in the atmospheric basement. I also learnt that Viennese wine is STRONG and there is a reason they suggest you take water in it.


We got back to our hotel which happily contains a restaurant called ‘The Bakery’. It was still early so we watched the sun go down on the terrace, me with a chai honey latte, David with a lillet spritz (our new fav aperitif) and we shared a chocolate and hazelnut cookie from the plethora of amazing treats available!

Day Two


We set off after an amazing hotel breakfast to Vienna’s food market and immersed ourselves in the sights and smells for a couple of hours. We bought bread, hummus, sliced meat and fresh juices all ready for a picnic.


we spent the rest of the morning and early afternoon mouching around themusum quarter before noshing down on Nusstorte and Sachertorte in one of the cafes in town.


It may seem like we had plenty of food, but we had already pre booked dinner at Hotel Ambassador as part of Vienna Restaurant Week. Where we had an incredible meal in a beautiful location with lovely service. Here’s my delicious pud, sorry about the light


Day Three

We got a bit over excited about Vienna restaurant week and also booked Dinner at Ef16 where we ate al fresco in a quiet courtyard and got through another 3 course meal ending in another delightful pudding.


Day Four

We had a late breakfast on our last day and then headed into town for a last piece of cake (each) before home time! I had Dobostorte, He had a raspberry cream slice.



That’s my eats and treats from Vienna, I’m lucky enough to be looking forward to another holiday in September where I may eat my weight in Turkish Delight!

Do you have a holiday planned?

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